Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog of Note

My roommate here in Lolo is getting in the guiding business. We were neighbors in Gunnison and guided together in Lake City for a bit. As a part of the guiding business, Nick is starting a blog. I would expect regular updates and some serious fish porn. The business is Five Valleys Fly Fishing but Nick's new site can be found at Montana Fishing Guide.
On another note. Our float trip down the Missouri went well. Nick rowed and I missed fish. It was windy as hell and we sailed through the entire float with the wind at our backs in about two hours. After a little hitch hiking we launched again and parked the boat in a nice looking area. The wind died and the fishing picked up while my shoulder collapsed and my casting reverted to beginner style. Nick caught several fish with the wind down and I tangled something horrible and watched a couple of random horses wallow in the mud. The Missouri is definitely an awesome place and I plan on doing some serious fishing on it this year.

A Few Pictures from the Missouri:

Nick with a 20" Brown

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