Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few From the Bitterroot

I've been fishing in short trips for the last week, mostly two or three hour outings but the river has been productive. The plan is to float the Missouri on Friday so expect a report from that trip. I have low expectations as I always do when fishing a new river but I have heard great things. Being only a two hour drive and home to some big browns I have a feeling it will become a regular stop on my multi-day fishing trips.

For now, here a few from the Bitterroot.


Colorado Angler said...

Damn! You know, I'm convinced that if I were to set a paper cup filled with water in front of you, you'd end up pulling a big-assed fish out of it.

C'mon're wrecking the grading curve for the rest of us, bro!

Great pics as always - love seeing your catches.

BTW...the keg is on me - maybe get you drunk enough to spill your secrets....

Zach said...

Thanks but it doesn't always go in my favor. I just had a tough time on the Missouri. I couldn't put a good cast together after my bad shoulder popped out of socket.

If you bring a keg, all my secrets are yours. Let me know when you are ready for a Montana vacation and I'll float you down some rivers.