Monday, March 22, 2010

Back in Action

I'm back in action and after driving around the west with a half filled trailer I arrived in Lolo, Montana. I spent the first week unpacking and of course floating and wading the Clark Fork and the Bitterroot. After a week of settling and fishing, a few friends from Colorado barged in and decided Saint Patty's day should be celebrated for a week. We proceeded to fish nonchalantly on the Madison and Bitterroot while filling one apartment, two drift boats and a house with beer cans. Now that I'm in recovery I'll try to get back on the blog posts and hopefully start taking more pictures.

Madison River

There were a few midges out on the Madison.

Nick with a nice Madison rainbow.


Colorado Angler said...

Niiiice! Looks like the weather was pretty decent, too.

Glad to hear you made it - looking forward to ass kicking pics of uber fish!

Zach said...

The weather has been pretty good. I'll be getting some pics soon.

Rebecca said...

Nice hatch!
So, you moved to Montana, my favorite place to go fly fishing. I had planned on crashing your Reno Nevada party, but now I'll look NE at plan on crashing your Montana party instead =) I spend two weeks every summer (with mini-trips inbetween) in Montana all by my lonesome fly fishing my way around. Hopefully we can hang out one of those days.
Save a few fish and beer for me k

Zach said...

Awesome Rebecca! You're welcome to crash my Montana party anytime. I have access to a drift boat and plan on getting a fishing raft so you definitely need to let me know when you are heading up this way.