Thursday, February 4, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Almost everyday my dog wakes me around 7am. I eat breakfast and drink coffee for about 2 hours then I hit the river. I am really enjoying the routine and the fishing has been awesome. After fishing I usually work for 4-5 hours, read, tie flies, then sleep.

Today I decided to change the river routine and join a few others at Pyramid Lake despite knowing that the fishing remains slow. Needless to say I had my first full day skunking of the year and somehow developed a leak in my waders while standing motionless in the lake. A few of the other guys caught fish and just as I realized my legs were numb from the leaking water Doug caught a nice 26" cutthroat. The lighting was good, the wind was mild and a few of the guys supplied some whiskey. I will call it a good day as my expectations were not high to begin with and the change of pace was nice. Now it's back to chasing browns and rainbows on the river.

Doug caught this fish using his "Floater no Cator" technique as he describes it on page 6 of John Barr's book. It took a #14 zebra copper john.


BG said...

Nice fish!!

Zach said...

Thanks man. Doug has a way of sniffing out the big fish.

Rebecca said...

Another damn nice fish. Now I'm off to figure out what the Floater no Cator technique is all about =)

And I know all about that feeling of skunked, the stench of it is currently surrounding me~

Zach said...


Don't worry about the skunk. It won't last if you keep fishing. I'm on the water enough that I don't mind the occasional skunking. As for the floater no cator technique it can be found in john barr's book. It is a double nymph rig fished on stillwaters without an indicator. It allows you to use line control and feel the grab rather than rely on a thousand dollar rod and reel with a 10 cent bobber attached to it. I can testify that it is more effective and produces more big fish on stillwaters than the indicator. Let me know if you need more details.