Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Trip

I was bored. It was cold but I needed to emerge for air after 2 days of sitting inside. I fished for 20 minutes just before dark. Caught a nice cutbow.

Oh yeah. I hit pyramid a few days ago with a few other guys. The wind was crazy and the water looked like it would be better for surfing. We found a sheltered bay and picked up 9 fish in the 17-20" range.

Here a few shots that are less than a month old. I only post about 10% of the fish I catch but these are worth a look.

What's new. Doug with another 24" fish.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The trio

Where are all the rainbows? Made an afternoon trip towards the California State Line today in search of some aggressive rainbows. The water usually gives up a few powerful fish but today was different. Over the course of several hours only three fish were caught and none of them rainbows. Early in the trip Lorin caught a 26" brown, which in itself made the day worthwhile. After searching with streamers for an hour I hooked up and landed a 27" brown and had a grab several casts before that fish. After doing some streamer experiments in the same area, Doug caught a 24" brown just before dark. The weather was overcast and these fish were on the move. It has been almost two months since the browns spawned and I guess they are set on getting their fill.

Lorin With A 26" Pig

Doug's 24" Brown Looks Huge!

27" of Brown Trout. It gave me a courtesy splash to wash the beard.