Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking The Ice

Winter showed up a few weeks ago and put the river on ice. Although there were a few areas that were fishable and some people were catching fish I held off for a few days. I planned on waiting a few more days but heard rumor at a local bar that Doug had caught a 27" brown on the Truckee River. I hit the river yesterday and today and it was productive. After an entire week and a half without fishing I am now back at it and expect to be on the water as long as it does not get blown out.

Doug's Brown cropped to hide the location.

Colorful Rainbow

Oh yeah, I went to Pyramid but mostly to take photos. The North Nets were crowded and the fishing looked slow.


Rebecca said...

As always, amazing photos and amazing fish. One of these days, I'm going to start begging to come down for a fishing trip with you guys. I'm even willing to be blind folded until we get to the location and will spill blood in a vow of secrecy.
Here's to a great year in 2010~

Zach said...

Thanks Rebecca. You can come down anytime and no blood or blindfolds will be needed. I know I'll be heading up your way to do some fishing. Hopefully soon.

BG said...

Amazing Brown!!nice work!

Zach said...

Thanks BG.