Friday, November 6, 2009

East Walker River

The East Walker is a beautiful stream fed by Sierra snowmelt. The river begins in California below Bridgeport Reservoir before crossing the Nevada border and feeding the high desert ranches. The river has become popular due to recent magazine publicity but it is remote enough to prevent overcrowding and long enough to spread out the pressure.

I had not been to the East Walker for a few years so I was excited when Doug said he was going to help electroshock and be a part of the weekly video for the Nevada Division of Wildlife. After cordially inviting myself we jumped in the truck and went to meet the NDOW team. Doug and Chris Vasey were the stars of this episode so I stayed back and fished behind them, doing my best to avoid any contact with the camera. I even brought my own camera and spent some time working on my photography skills.

We all caught a fair number of browns and rainbows in the 10-15" range before Chris began working a nice stretch while Doug stood back and did some coaching. Chris hooked and landed several fish in the run, including a beautiful 21" brown. After the excitement of a big fish in small water we all walked downstream for the electroshocking.

I had never witnessed an electroshocking before and I was surprised at the results. When they began shocking, tons of small fish were raised from every bit of river. When they hit the deep tailout of a run, big fish came to the nets. Several browns over 20" with the biggest being 22.5" were measured and released. I had a great time and enjoyed having the opportunity to meet new people while doing some fishing and photographing.


Rebecca said...

That sounds and looks like an amazing day.
I must say, your photography is some of the best I've come across in all the blogs I've visited. Well done.

Zach said...

Thanks Rebecca. I have been working hard on developing my photography skills. There are definitely a few other blogs with some awesome stuff though, including yours.