Thursday, October 29, 2009

Da' Browns

I returned to Reno a few weeks ago to visit family and prepare for my winter trip to New Zealand but every afternoon I find myself on the river, putting off a long list of small tasks that are snowballing into a hellacious amount of work that may never get done. As long as I get on the plane in a week and pass through customs everything else should work itself out, or not. The reason for my daily obsession with the river is the nature of its' elusive browns. We have been finding them in groups, pre and post spawn, and they are huge! One day we will catch several fish over 24", all in one hole and caught in succession. The next day they will be gone. To where I don't know. In between the browns there have been numerous whitefish, smaller wild trout, and an amazing number of line ripping rainbows in the 20" class. Check the pics.

Doug on a big day by himself using a tripod...

An hour of action after a week of searching...

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Reno area fishing is pretty good right now. This gal measured 24".