Friday, September 18, 2009

Trout Week

The last week has been filled with fishing adventures. Doug, my friend and flyfishing mentor drove out from Reno to explore the area and another friend Barry, from Silverthorne came down to do some fishing. The afternoon Doug arrived we hit the Lake Fork in time to stick a few fish before lightening forced us out.

The next day we went to Gunnison and did a short trip to the Taylor. It was crowded but we caught a few before fishing the Gunnison River. On the Gunnison Doug lost an airborn brown in the 5 lb range and we both picked up several browns and a few rainbows.

Typical Taylor Brown

After spending some time on the pressured waters I decided to take Doug and Barry to a secret stretch of small stream. We did some off road driving and a steep hike into the stream and spotted some very large browns holding in a deep run. The browns were from a lake and were staging to spawn. We threw everything we had at them but they had lockjaw and eventually we moved on to the resident trout. The fish were cooperative and would eat about anything we threw at them.

Doug spent another day catching trout on the Lake Fork while I was working. He had a 20 fish day including a nice 19" brown. The following day we all hit a small stream and caught several small rainbows and cutthroats. The scenery was great and the gloomy rain clouds never exploded on us.

From the small stream we drove to the East Portal for the evening. We all caught the standard 14" browns and enjoyed nymphing the big water. Just before we left I made a few casts with a streamer, dropping it deep along a rock wall. The result was a fat 19" brown that looked and felt bigger than he was.

We spent our final day exploring the Rio Grande drainage and spent the evening on the Lake Fork. We caught small browns all morning before the rain clouded the water. We drove back to the Lake Fork for a couple of hours and landed a few nice fish before calling it a night and heading home for beer and burgers.


Anonymous said...

brother great pics as usual


Zach said...

Thanks Brother

Colorado Angler said...

Awesome shots - and that is one gnarly brown you bagged.

Love the pic of the 'off the beaten path' stream - looks like some incredible water, not to mention, a great place to avoid the crowds.

Zach said...

Definitely some great water and nice fish. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Zach- Looks like you had another
rough week at the office. I leave
for LC tomorrow at 6 AM. See you Monday.
Chuck Winger

Anonymous said...


Keith Winger here. Just left you a message on your Facebook page. Just curious when you want to start. Haven't been in cell range today so don't know if you left a voice mail. Please email me @ Thanks!


Brian J. said...

That's a scrappy looking trout-- every now and then I hook into a trout that lives in fast water and fights like a much bigger fish-- sounds like that's what this one was.

Also, the small stream fishing looks magnificent.


Brian J. said...

Zach-- when are you in town? let me know and we'll hit the truckee (or pyramid's open too).


--brian j