Monday, August 17, 2009

The Gorge and The Fork

Despite my lack of posting this summer I have been fishing frequently and doing well. Recently my sister and I joined a group of friends on a rafting trip down the Gunnison Gorge. Will and I fished a little and caught several but for the most part we floated and spent time with friends. The water was low and technical on the oars but we made it through safe, though Will was made one trip into the drink on a narrow rapid. Since the rafting trip I have been frequenting the Lake Fork and several small streams. The water is low and clear but temperatures are stable and the fishing is great. Enjoy the pictures.

In the Gorge

Hitting the rapids.

There were about five boats in the party train.

A few fish from the Taylor River

On to Some Lake Fork Beauties...

Low Clouds in the Rio Grande Valley

Small streams and Brook Trout all Day Long

And more from the Lake Fork