Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Sun

The summer is rolling and I have been busy as hell guiding in Lake City. The stoneflies have been phenomenal this year and the evening caddis hatch is turning on. A few green drakes are flying and the sun is burning me up above 9,000 feet. As usual I have been burning the candle at both ends with work all day, evening fishing for myself and late nights with friends and guests. I am also writing a column for the local paper which exciting. Besides full moon runs up engineer pass and other death defying events my sister has been learning the ropes around camp and catching a few fish as well. I look forward to doing a full post on my next day off? Until then, enjoy the pictures.

My sister with a nice rainbow.

Home for the summer.
Livin' Like kings and queens.

My friend Trevor fishing with a moose. I believe they had drinks and went home together later.


JW said...

nice post brother... looks like andrea is settled right in in lake city...

cheers from northern Nevada...

Colorado Angler said...

Love the accommodations - I'd gladly take that over a stuffy 'Parade of Homes' social-status anchor any day of the week.

Any links to the piece that you're writing?

Mary Ann said...

Looks like our sweeties are doin fine, but we sure do miss you!

Mom & Dad

Zach said...

Thanks for the comments guys! The camp is great and I agree it is much better than the parade of homes Colorado Angler. The newspaper articles are not available online as far as I know. I'll see if I can scan it to the blog.