Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fish, Fish, and More Fish

This is a bit of a catch up post. I have been fishing a bunch but have not been posting due to a dog making a meal of my computer cord not to mention a full pheasant cape. Needless to say, I'll never own a collie. I did an early season backpacking trip into a secret canyon and had a good time but the fishing was not yet prime. We did catch several nice browns and I managed to break in my backpacking legs for the summer. I also found half of a nice elk shed that will make some nice knife handles in the future.

Pics from backpacking

After enjoying the solitude of the backcountry I went to the crowded Hog Trough to meet some friends and try for a few monsters. I landed several large rainbows and lost a few more. Fast forward one week later and I'm fishing Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the Dream Stream for a day before catching a few trophies on the Taylor. The Taylor trip includes landing four fish over 24" and losing a monster rainbow that might have been over 35". It was a great trip with a great dog that I wish was my own. Sleeping in the truck felt good but my shredded rotator cuff gave me trouble while casting into the wind at Spinney. Enjoy the photos.

Dream Stream

Sparky the dog

Spinney Bow

Dream Stream

Taylor Rainbows


Anonymous said...

Looks like some good fishing and Sparky the dog is pretty cute.

Zach said...

The fishing was great and I hope the owners of the dog forget about him. Great fishing dog.

Brian J. said...

Those Taylor rainbows are beautiful - fat and healthy-- nice to see!

Zach said...

Thanks Brian. They are definitely some powerful fish.