Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Baetis

Spring baetis hatches are always something to look forward to and they have been exceptional during the last week. The warmer overcast days have enticed a few hatches on the Lake Fork and today a friend and myself encountered two hours of solid surface action on the Arkansas River. This was my first time on the Arkansas and while the fish were not extremely large they were wild, powerful, and ready to attack a dry fly. After catching a few on nymphs the hatch began and we had a blast watching the suttle take on a parachute adams.

Lake Fork Pics

Elk in the Distance

Fish Pics

Arkansas River Pictures

The scenery was great

The dogs had fun

And the fish were beautiful


Lee Johnston said...

Really enjoyed checkin out the blog. Gonna be headed up for a little weekend taylor trip next weekend and hopin they bump up the flows. Last year at this time I was bugging your friend Nick about fishing conditions etc. Maybe Ill see you up there then or at least this summer when I move up after school.

Zach said...

Right on. I'll be over in Basalt fishing the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork this weekend. Next weekend I should be free. Let me know when your getting here and I'll try to meet you on the river.

Lee Johnston said...

Will do. Were gonna leave Thurs. and who knows when we will get in that night but I plan on fishing long hours Fri. and Sat. Cabin feaver is a major issue.

mike doughty said...

i fish the ark. several times a year when i'm visiting my kids. i haven't taken anything big out of there but my son took a 20" brown and my daughter a 23" rainbow. i always get the 15-17" fish. nice pics by the way