Monday, April 13, 2009


I managed to join a weekend excursion to Carbondale for some Easter fishing. The plan was to stay at a friends house and fish the Roaring Fork which is conveniently located a few steps from his back porch. Unfortunately it rained hard enough to turn the river brown and put a halt on the fishing but the reliable Frying Pan was a short drive and the obvious option. It was a little chilly on the Pan and a snow-rain combination caused me to rig some nymphs before looking at the river. As soon as we neared the water we noticed a solid line of noses sipping on the surface. After a few casts with the nymphs I began working dries and emergers. There was a solid hatch of BWO's and tons of midges blanketing the surface. The fish were eating both insect groups and would not touch any of my flies including #26 midges. After a while of watching fish feeding at my feet the storm cleared and the hatch was finished. After the hatch we caught several nice fish on midge pupa and streamers before more snow hit.

The following day we enjoyed a great Easter brunch before getting in a few casts on the Roaring Fork. It was still brown but I managed to hook up one small rainbow with minimal effort while enjoying more rain.

Red Mud from the Frying Pan

View from the porch

After a fun weekend we hit the road, stopping to peer over the edge of the Black Canyon and enjoying the first sunny day in a while. I also managed to catch a few fish on the Lake Fork before a great quail dinner. I am definitely thankful for the invite and my great hosts.

Bad photo of a herd of Elk colliding with a herd of Mule Deer

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