Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update-I Am in Fact Alive

I know it seems like eons since my last post and I apologize for my negligence. Since my last post I have froze on the Taylor, camped on the side of highways, taken a jet boat up Lee's Ferry, fished the Truckee River in Reno and broke down in two states. The reason for my abandonment of the blog is the time I have been investing in the building of a new website. I have finally linked the blog to the website and I should be getting back on schedule. Check out the new website at

Spring is coming and if you have been missing out on winter fishing opportunities you must be getting anxious. Get your gear ready and start tying the small stuff. Spring baetis hatches can provide some good action and big fish if you can find reservoir rainbows moving up the river systems in preparation for the spawn. If you do come across fish on spawning beds leave them alone or I will be forced to interrupt you the next time you get lucky. I will be doing a float trip down the Green River on my way back to Colorado in a week and hope the baetis hatch is on.

Look for more regular posts and some serious trout porn in the future. For now enjoy a few pictures of recent adventures.


MIke said...

Thanks for posting the absolutely unreal photos. They're just what I needed to get psyched for the season!

Zach said...

Thanks. Now is a good time to get pumped. Spring fishing is on the way. That's a nice website too.

Brian J. said...

Nice pics-- good to see an update, I'll be checking back for more! Looks like a ton of content on that site, I'll have to check it out more

--Brian J.