Friday, March 27, 2009

New Look

If you have not noticed I have been playing with some different looks and formats for the blog. If you have any suggestions or comments please pitch in. My main concern is that it is easy on the eyes. If you find that it is hard to read tell me and I will work on it. I hope you all like the changes.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Month in Review

The last month has been filled with fun, fish and a troubled truck. As mentioned in my previous post my friend Will and I spent two days fishing Lee's Ferry with little success. We caught a few but nothing noteworthy. Lee's Ferry seems to be a bit different from your average western trout stream. I would recommend a guide for the first time you visit.

The Lee's Ferry trip occurred after a quick trip to Phoenix to watch my sister play some college softball. My initial post game plan was to backpack into the Grand Canyon for a few days followed by exploring some archaeological sites in Arizona before meeting Will, who is a student in Prescott, AZ, at Lee's Ferry. My initial plan fell though the floor quickly as my truck began rattling violently on the highway. Luckily I was near Prescott and had a placed to sleep and tie flies while the truck was at the mechanic shop. Do not buy a 1999 ford ranger. The four wheel drive will give you trouble after time.

After we made the trip to Lee's Ferry I drove down the highway tempted by the Grand Canyon signs. One week later I had tied several hundred flies and dropped some more money at the mechanic that had not actually fixed the problem in the first place. Eventually, my truck was ready and I drove 10 hours through the night to Reno, NV to visit with my family. Avoiding a three a.m. wake up call for my parents I parked by the Truckee River and managed a few hours of sleep before the rigging up for a few hours of fishing on an old favorite hole. The early morning fishing was a bit slow but I caught the same whitefish that I had caught the last time I fished the Truckee. I am certain because of a distinct wound that has left the fish with a chunk of flesh missing.

A few days later the truck began rattling again and was back at the mechanic. A few hundred freshly tied flies later and some bonding with the family dogs and I was back on the river. I fished a few holes and hooked up some nice rainbows with the highlight being two fish caught on a hole after it had been fished hard by experienced anglers. One of these was caught on a dry which is rare during winter on the Truckee River.

I spent a few more short days on the river, mostly observing and learning from other anglers and teaching a friend how to cast his first fly rod. I also managed to join a long day excursion to visit a few Northern California wineries with family which was a blast! After the all to short visit home and the celebration of my father's retirement after 30 years (for which I and my bad fishing habits are grateful) I drove to Salt Lake City to meet Will. As always my Aunt and Uncle in Salt Lake provided a warm shower, comfortable bed, good meal and some great company. Will and I drove for the Green River the next morning with visions of trout in our mind. We arrived at the Flaming Gorge and spent our first day wading the A section.

Nice Brownie

Same Brown up Close

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Nice Brown Being Released

We caught some nice fish, the majority eating a #22-#24 pure midge larvae suspended just below the surface. The A section has an incredible population of trout but they can be difficult at times. Luckily, my truck problems had left me with plenty of time to tie some tiny midges.

A few more pictures from day one on the Green.

This eddie seemed to have hundreds of feeding trout.

On the midge

On the streamer

Nice brown

After a great start we shuttled the cars and camped out for the night. We rigged up our pontoons the next day and started the beginning of a three day float.

We caught more fish while floating the A section before making camp for the night at the beginning of the B section. We had to pass some excellent looking holes at the beginning of the B to beat the setting sun but we made up for it on day 2. We caught some nice fish early the next day before deciding to cover some ground to avoid passing our campsite in the dark.

Will with a nice B section brown.

Another from the B

Entering the B section

B section Bow

After a great float through the B section we made camp at the head of the C section.

After a warm fire, some dehydrated food and a good night of sleep we noticed that we were beginning to smell a bit funky. Ignoring the stink we made our way through the C section without doing much fishing. I had a few fish follow a streamer and we drifter over schools of carp swimming through crystal clear water in swallow canyon. We made it to the take out with enough time to pack our gear, shuttle the cars and grab a burger and some pie at the local cafe.

The three day float completed our planned trip before we were due back in Lake City, CO but our schedule had some flexibility. While looking at the map I noticed several great rivers that would only make slight detours off our driving course. We settled on the Frying Pan and drove to Ruedi Reservoir where we camped in our vehicles for the night. The next morning I completed a few midterms online before hitting the river. We fished hard all day and caught some nice fish, again, on small midges and streamers.

Will with a nice brown.
Will fishing the toilet bowl.

Pretty little brown

Fatty on a streamer

We fished the toilet bowl for about 20 minutes but concentrated our efforts downstream. I have yet to leave the Frying Pan without having a great day.

After the Pan we were back on track and headed towards Lake City. The drive however was wearing on us so we chose to lay over in Gunnison at a friends house. In the morning we fished the Hog Trough on the Taylor River for an hour but it was crowded. We decided to move down to the Gunnison River where we had long stretches of water to ourselves. The fishing was hot and we caught a bunch of browns between 10"-16".

Gunnison River
Nice Gunny Brown
The trip was great, especially the float. Tomorrow we will be fishing the Lake Fork of the Gunnison in the morning and spending the day with friends before returning to work and school. With the longer days and a few weekends off hopefully the fishing trips will continue and there will be some exciting posts in the future.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update-I Am in Fact Alive

I know it seems like eons since my last post and I apologize for my negligence. Since my last post I have froze on the Taylor, camped on the side of highways, taken a jet boat up Lee's Ferry, fished the Truckee River in Reno and broke down in two states. The reason for my abandonment of the blog is the time I have been investing in the building of a new website. I have finally linked the blog to the website and I should be getting back on schedule. Check out the new website at

Spring is coming and if you have been missing out on winter fishing opportunities you must be getting anxious. Get your gear ready and start tying the small stuff. Spring baetis hatches can provide some good action and big fish if you can find reservoir rainbows moving up the river systems in preparation for the spawn. If you do come across fish on spawning beds leave them alone or I will be forced to interrupt you the next time you get lucky. I will be doing a float trip down the Green River on my way back to Colorado in a week and hope the baetis hatch is on.

Look for more regular posts and some serious trout porn in the future. For now enjoy a few pictures of recent adventures.