Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Fish

I spent a couples hours on the river this afternoon. The fishing was good. I was feeling a bit lazy with the camera so I only photographed a few fish. One large brown and another large cutbow. They both fought hard and didn't hesitate to slam oversized flies.

Here's the pics.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Snow

The mountain weather has been a bit finicky in Lake City this October. While hunting with a friend last weekend we were caught in a rain storm that turned into snow and sleet with the added bonus of thunder and lightening. The snow melted quickly but three days later it dumped snow again and made things really feel like winter.

Henson Creek after the storm

The aspen quickly shed their leaves and everything was looking like a winter wonderland. As nice as it was I could not be excited because it is October and I wouldn't mind having some more time for fall fishing. Luckily, the weather has improved and the snow melted in the valley. The fishing is fantastic and the post-spawn browns are eating aggressively. My camera battery died and I lost the charger so many of the recent fish have not been photographed. I did find the charger and spent the last two days catching fish and taking photographs. I decided to have some fun on the water and use some extra large hopper patterns with a variety of big rubber legged nymphs and a small BWO mayfly pattern on the bottom of the three fly rig. I was surprised that several fish exploded on the hopper in attempt to destroy the thing. Hopefully I can keep putting in time on the water before and after my elk hunt. This is my favorite time of year to get after some big fish. Enjoy the pictures.

The Aspen have shed their leaves

A few from the last two days

This buck made his bed by the swing set in the back yard