Sunday, September 28, 2008

Casting for Recovery

Much has happened since my last post. I have, as usual been fishing every spare moment and the fishing has been amazing. My clients have been getting into fish over 18" daily and I have been hunting down big fish in the evenings. The other evening I spent some time tracking down a big school of Kokanee salmon and spotted a few browns behind them. The browns had followed the salmon up from Blue Mesa Reservoir for a meal of roe before they go into the spawn. After accidentally hooking a salmon I managed to get on perfect drift into the browns territory and a big 23" female sucked down the egg pattern. After playing and landing the fish it sat in some clear water and I managed to snap a few photographs.

After catching the big fish and many other fish over 20" in the last few weeks I began dreaming of a small stream that runs through a remote canyon. The difficult part is access as there are several private properties and some serious off road driving to get past before coming close to the stream. A good friend who happens to be one of the few individuals who knows the route took me to the stream. We both hooked and landed many fish, several of which were pushing 19". Catching large browns on 3 weight rods in a small stream is a blast. I would rate this as the best small stream fishing I have ever experienced. Unfortunately my camera battery died after the first fish so the pictures are limited to one.

After all the excitement and great fishing I would say my life is perfect right now. However, a recent experience was really enlightening and gave new meaning to flyfishing. I had the opportunity to help with a retreat sponsored by an organization called Casting for Recovery. I spent one day at a private guest ranch helping instruct women recovering from breast cancer. The majority of the day was with Janet who is a fast learner and hooked into some nice trout. This organization is run by some wonderful people and the retreats are really beneficial to the women. This was one of the greatest moments in my guiding career and I hope to work with them in the future. In the meantime check out their website at, and enjoy some pictures of the fun we had at the Powderhorn Guest Ranch. They were incredible hosts the retreat was a success.

Janet and I

The Fall Colors are Amazing


Anonymous said...

I think programs like Casting for Recovery are so great. It is wonderful that you were able to be a part of that, and I hope you do continue to work with that organization.

Zach said...

Thanks, the work is very rewarding. Another good one is healing waters. Hopefully I can get involved with them soon.