Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Colors

I can't believe it is already August. It feels like the summer has passed in one big blur this year. At least the stream flows have begun to stabilize and the fishing has improved significantly. Big fish have been eating on the surface and I cannot think of a better way to spend my evenings than watching fish chase emerging caddis pupa to the surface. I have also made several trips to the American Basin to catch the wildflowers. The basin was full of flowers and was breathtaking. The Lake Fork of the Gunnison river is in it's prime and should stay that way through the fall. I expect the run of Kokenee salmon to be great this fall as well. Hopefully everyone is getting on the water. Now is the time to really enjoy the streams because it will not be long before we are all bundled up on the tailwaters trampling through the snow. In the meantime I'll be enjoying my days guiding on the water and my evenings fishing in low light as mule deer graze the hill sides and elk begin their movements to lower altitude. The crowds are thinning and before long the colors will change as the nights become cold and days short but right now the fishing is great.

Here are some pictures of wildflowers