Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally Some Fish

The last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. Between trying to find water that is not too high and the 14 hour strait through the night trip to Reno and another fourteen hours on the way back I am finally catching up on sleep and the fishing is getting better everyday. I managed to fish for a couple of hours during my emergency trip to Reno and the Truckee River was fishing well even mid-day with triple digit temperatures. I hit an urban area and picked up three nice rainbows on a golden stone nymph. The biggest ran just under 18".

After the long drive back to Lake City I hit the water in a great canyon stretch. The water was high but there were salmon flies hitting the water all around me. I thought it was odd that not a single fish came to the surface for the salmon fly adults or my imitation. After some frustration I jokingly put an #18 bead head flash back pheasant tail beneath my stone fly nymph and began hooking up some nice fish but it was relatively slow for this time of year.

Today was the day as everything came together. While on a small stream with some clients the bugs were out in force and the fish were gorging. We caught 14-17" browns all morning. After the day ended I headed out to the river near town to meet a friend. He had just lost a good size fish so I grabbed my rod and began fishing. For the next hour I caught and released five rainbows over 16" with the largest pushing 20". The water was still high on the Lake Fork but the fish were sitting in shallow water near the bank eating stonefly nymphs. They were all full and fat. The water is receding every day and the action is beginning to get really good. These fish have had a long winter and they are hungry. Things are really looking up around here.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had some nice fishing. I'm not sure I'd be out fishing in triple digit temperatures though. I know they say it's a dry heat, but it's still hot.

Zach said...

It's not so bad as it sounds. Especially after being jammed in a truck for fourteen hours strait.

Zboy said...

I bet it's not as hot without the Grizzly Adams bread too... You sexy fisherman