Thursday, June 12, 2008

Backcountry Fishing

I had a guide trip rescheduled this morning and should have headed out to the ranch I've been picking up extra work at but I decided to hit trail instead. I headed up to a nice lake nestled in aspen at around 10,000. I realized it has been a long winter about a mile into the uphill when my calves began to stiffen. After a good stretch I continued the hike, eventually getting my rhythm set. Once I reached the lake it was beautiful. Everything was green and half the lake was bordered by beaver ponds.

There were no signs of fish but I knew they were in there. While I was rigging up fish began rising everywhere as did my excitement. I tied on a parachute adams and made a cast. As soon as my fly hit the water the rising ceased and I thought I had somehow spooked every fish in the lake. While standing there confused a muskrat surfaced at my feet with a mouth full of brook trout and slapped the water before disappearing below. I decided to circumnavigate the lake while letting the fish mourn their fallen brethren and I was soon jumping over streams and balancing my way across the tops of beaver dams like a happy child. I made my way around part of the lake and resumed fishing. There were sporadic rises but nothing would take on the surface. I changed to a double nymph rig with a #18 pheasant tail trailed behind a #14 copper john. It wasn't long before I was hooking up brook trout on a slow retrieve.

Some were small and colorful and others were nice and fat. I did not catch anything huge and did not expect to but the fishing was awesome and the fish fought hard. The scenery spectacular as well and I hope to hit many more of the high lakes this summer. Sorry about the smudge mark on the button of the camera. I didn't notice until I uploaded the pictures.

Looking down on Lake City

Time to stretch

Check out the Lake

Colorful Brook Trout


Anonymous said...

Looks like beautiful country and some yummy fish. I hear you about needing some stretching after the winter though. I'm working on getting out for more hikes and I've had some sore legs recently. I think I need new (or better) shoes.

Zach said...

It is definitely beautiful country. As for the fish I released them all and cannot comment on the taste factor. Good shoes help but they won't help much with the sore legs. Have fun hiking and thanks for the response.

Zboy said...

I hear this is prime cut throat Trevor season in CO...