Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taylor River Part 2

After being spoiled on Monday Nick and I cruised back up to the Taylor on Tuesday. We were pretty casual about it after doing so well the day before but we were both tuned in and hooked up some nice fish. I walked up to the river, spotted a nice 18" bow, made two casts, hooked and landed the fish. I almost laughed because it is rare for the fishing to seem so easy on the Taylor. Although it seemed easy we must have been really tuned in because no else seemed to be hooking up like we were. It's nice when everything comes together like that. After I released the 18" bow Nick walked up, spotted a big fish sitting on a seam and spent about 5 minutes working him. He hooked and landed the fish, a beautiful 27.5" rainbow. After that fish we were both pretty content and took our time the rest of the day. We alternated sight fishing a nice run and both caught some awesome rainbows. After that we walked around picking off fish and skipping the photographs. This may be the last time we fish the Taylor for a while so we relaxed and enjoyed the good fortune. Now were up in Lake City to do some guiding and exploring in the San Juan Mountains. It should be a fantastic summer.

Enjoy the trout porn!


Anonymous said...

Nice fish. Looks like you guys had a good day.

sierratrout said...

ridiculous! the truckee is running high and off color, not fair!

Zach said...

Thanks, the fishing was awesome. Unfortunately we are officially getting pounded with runoff now.