Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ross Rods Review

The new Ross rods are awesome. After casting the rods at the show in Denver last fall I was convinced that they were built well but I am always skeptical when casting in an indoor environment. The components are top quality and the rods look great. My friend, Doug Ouellette of Calvada Fly Fishing purchased the Essence FW and gave it a field trial recently. In a week of hard fishing he caught and released roughly 200 lbs of trout up to 25" and said the rod performed great. He reported that it cast excellent in the wind and had great fighting power. I know Doug really puts pressure on hard fighting fish so this is good news coming from him. Doug stated, "The essence rods outperform other rods that costs more than twice as much. The cosmetics are sound and the performance is great." I can't wait to buy a few for myself and put them to work.


Randy aka (Bugler) said...

Zach, those are some nice looking trout, are you from Colorado its not in your profile.

Zach said...

Thanks. I'm from Nevada but I moved to Colorado recently. Some great fishing in both states.