Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fish, Wildlife and Scenery

While fellow guide Nick Ross was slaying fish on the Taylor this weekend I was up in Lake City working. The flows on the Lake Fork have been inconsistent but I picked up some nice browns on Friday and Saturday afternoon. They were attacking egg patterns and red san juan worms. The rainbows might be in spawning mode because I didn't catch or see any of them.

I also hit the Upper Lake Fork for an hour and the water was beautiful but I didn't get into any fish. After getting skunked in one beautiful hole I trampled through it expecting to at least spook a fish but there was nothing in there. I might need to head farther upstream next time.

With the unpredictable flows and difficult fish I decided to do some exploring on Sunday. On a whim I drove up to Creede and checked out the Rio Grande. The river was high so I drove around and scoped the place out without fishing.

This was my first time in Creede and the scenery was spectacular. This is a place I plan on exploring more this summer and fall. After the tour in Creede I drove back to Lake City and found the Lake Fork looking perfect. The flows were great and the water had cleared up. Unfortunately it was late afternoon and I had to drive to Gunnison to prepare for finals. I might have missed out on some great fishing Sunday but I had my fill of great scenery and wildlife while driving and trampling around.

A few wildlife and scenery shots:

A nice herd.

Between Lake City and Creede
Check out my back side.


The Adventurist said...

Hey Zac,

Nice blog, Also welcome to the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. You will like it. I am pretty new as well, but looks to be a great organization to be involved with. Welcome aboard.

Zach said...

Thanks for the welcome. It looks like a great group to be in. Your blog is really good also.