Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fishing the Runoff

Fishing runoff is not easy but there are fish to be caught. I hit the Lake Fork while it was running over 900cfs and managed to catch a few fish by running streamers along the banks. I only fished for an hour because the fish seemed stressed enough. After two browns around 18" I called it a day. Today the river had come down uder 600cfs and I picked up a nice 22" rainbow but forgot the camera. I don't mind the river coming down but I hope the runoff picks up so the season can really begin.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ross Rods Review

The new Ross rods are awesome. After casting the rods at the show in Denver last fall I was convinced that they were built well but I am always skeptical when casting in an indoor environment. The components are top quality and the rods look great. My friend, Doug Ouellette of Calvada Fly Fishing purchased the Essence FW and gave it a field trial recently. In a week of hard fishing he caught and released roughly 200 lbs of trout up to 25" and said the rod performed great. He reported that it cast excellent in the wind and had great fighting power. I know Doug really puts pressure on hard fighting fish so this is good news coming from him. Doug stated, "The essence rods outperform other rods that costs more than twice as much. The cosmetics are sound and the performance is great." I can't wait to buy a few for myself and put them to work.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taylor River Part 2

After being spoiled on Monday Nick and I cruised back up to the Taylor on Tuesday. We were pretty casual about it after doing so well the day before but we were both tuned in and hooked up some nice fish. I walked up to the river, spotted a nice 18" bow, made two casts, hooked and landed the fish. I almost laughed because it is rare for the fishing to seem so easy on the Taylor. Although it seemed easy we must have been really tuned in because no else seemed to be hooking up like we were. It's nice when everything comes together like that. After I released the 18" bow Nick walked up, spotted a big fish sitting on a seam and spent about 5 minutes working him. He hooked and landed the fish, a beautiful 27.5" rainbow. After that fish we were both pretty content and took our time the rest of the day. We alternated sight fishing a nice run and both caught some awesome rainbows. After that we walked around picking off fish and skipping the photographs. This may be the last time we fish the Taylor for a while so we relaxed and enjoyed the good fortune. Now were up in Lake City to do some guiding and exploring in the San Juan Mountains. It should be a fantastic summer.

Enjoy the trout porn!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taylor River Part 1

I've been falling behind with a slow computer and a rush to finish finals week. Somehow during the final rush I managed to get two days in on the Hog Trough. Monday I met Nick, his dad, uncle and a friend of theirs. We all had a great day catching multiple fish over 20" with a few pushing the 28" mark. Some of the rainbows were spawning and others were acting more like post spawn. Staying off the beds, we targeted the fish that were feeding actively and like any creature has been expending energy spawning they were HUNGRY. The fish weren't too picky which is rare at the trough and we caught them on everything from #12 red chironomids to small baetis emergers. Nick was on fire and I was having trouble keeping fish on the hook. After loosing several huge fish I checked my chironomid and found a fly without a hook point. That cost me some beautiful fish but I still ended up doing great. Here's a few pictures from Monday. Look for Tuesdays report soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fish, Wildlife and Scenery

While fellow guide Nick Ross was slaying fish on the Taylor this weekend I was up in Lake City working. The flows on the Lake Fork have been inconsistent but I picked up some nice browns on Friday and Saturday afternoon. They were attacking egg patterns and red san juan worms. The rainbows might be in spawning mode because I didn't catch or see any of them.

I also hit the Upper Lake Fork for an hour and the water was beautiful but I didn't get into any fish. After getting skunked in one beautiful hole I trampled through it expecting to at least spook a fish but there was nothing in there. I might need to head farther upstream next time.

With the unpredictable flows and difficult fish I decided to do some exploring on Sunday. On a whim I drove up to Creede and checked out the Rio Grande. The river was high so I drove around and scoped the place out without fishing.

This was my first time in Creede and the scenery was spectacular. This is a place I plan on exploring more this summer and fall. After the tour in Creede I drove back to Lake City and found the Lake Fork looking perfect. The flows were great and the water had cleared up. Unfortunately it was late afternoon and I had to drive to Gunnison to prepare for finals. I might have missed out on some great fishing Sunday but I had my fill of great scenery and wildlife while driving and trampling around.

A few wildlife and scenery shots:

A nice herd.

Between Lake City and Creede
Check out my back side.