Thursday, April 3, 2008

The One Cast Curse

Headed up to the Hog Trough today with a friend and realized I'd grabbed the wrong reel when we arrived. It was the right line weight for the rod but it was set up for streamers and I wanted to begin with nymphs. I threw on the ugliest streamer I could find, figuring I'd change leaders after a few minutes and go back to the streamer around dark but on the first cast I hooked into a nice brown. After that I had to keep the streamer going. My friend caught two on midges before switching to a streamer and catching two more while I made great presentations and never had another touch. Every time I've caught a fish immediately the rest of the day is ruined. Well, not entirely because I'm still fishing but not catching. It was however a very nice fish.
We didn't start until late afternoon as we planned on fishing streamers after dark but the sun started to set and we packed up before frostbite set in. I need to remember the thermals and a mug of hot liquids next time. Being in a canyon the sun sets early and the wind can make things very cold. When the guides ice over every other cast it is time to go home.

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That's about the size of my D your holding