Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lake Fork of the Gunnison

I went up to Lake City last weekend to help get organized and get The Sportsman ready for the guide season. Friday after work I hit the river for the last few hours of daylight and I almost forgot how much I love this river. I started throwing some oversized streamers hoping to move a big fish in a deep green pool but nothing took. I switched to a prince nymph and a #18 BWO pattern under a balloon and the fishing picked up. Every cast it seemed like I had a strike. After several nice 13-15" rainbows and browns I hooked up a nice fat rainbow pushing the 19" mark. Immediately after I hooked up a solid 18" brown. The water was cold from snow melt but the fish were feisty. I hit the water again Saturday before heading back to Gunnison but the warm day sent some fresh runoff downstream and the water was a little high and off color. The fishing turned off and I moved out. I wanted to head downstream to check on conditions but it was near dark. I'll be back up next weekend and hope the river isn't blown out. Either way the fish are in there and once the runoff clears it is going to be an awesome season.

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