Friday, April 11, 2008

Book Review

I was digging through some books last night trying to distract myself from the flu that is making me miserable and I came across this book by James Babb. I read this about a year ago and forgot about it until now. I have realized that the title of the book is the same as my blog which is interesting because I never thought of the book when I created the title. Perhaps my subconscious was busy playing tricks on me again. I will say that Fly-Fishin' Fool is an awesome book and that James Babb is one hell of an author. His essays and short stories move in rhythm and capture the essence of the relationship of fly fishers and nature despite his self claimed visions of aging clumsiness. I highly recommend this book to all fly fishers and non fly fishers. Fly fishing has a rich history of literature but some of the literature has the aroma of elitism. James Babb, like John Gierach is a down to earth, real world kind of guy. Their writing transcends social status that is sometimes associated with fly fishing and in the world of literature I would compare them to the likes of Jim Harrison. The appeal of moving water and natural ecosystems create romantic feelings that few authors can put into words. Those authors who can will be remembered when the wild places are gone.

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