Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Lake Fork Weekend

The Lake Fork is fishing well and I am definitely looking forward to moving to Lake City for the summer. On a Friday afternoon guide trip my client landed several nice fish and lost one big rainbow. The next day I managed to lose a big rainbow out of the same hole but it felt good to hook into a big, wild, unpressured fish. I managed to land a few nice fish including a beautiful cutthroat just before dark but my hands were numb and I decided to skip the picture. Before the cutthroat I drifted a weighted stone and a prince nymph through a deep hole and landed a beat up rainbow. This was definitely a tough fish. The gill plate on one side was broken and there were a few scars on the body. This fish must have been in a fight with a hungry bird or something but it is definitely a survivor.
On Sunday I hit some lower sections of river and the water was a little high and off color. The fishing was tough but I managed a few decent browns. When I finished the drive home to Gunnison I hadn't had enough so I drove up to the Taylor. It was crowded and the fishing was a little slow. I was broke off by one big fish that wrapped me around a rock as soon as I set the hook. I didn't stay long but I may be back up there this week. Hopefully next weekend the Lake Fork remains productive but with the warmer temperatures runoff has to hit hard soon.

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Zboy said...

Did you catch any cut throat Trevors?