Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Hog Trough Beauty

What a better way to study for finals than a day at the Hog Trough. The fishing was tough today. Nobody seemed to be hooking up this afternoon including myself. There were tons of visible fish and I threw the kitchen sink at them without success. After a while of being rejected I spotted a big rainbow and settled in. I tied on a RS2 under some split shot and a balloon indicator. I made about 15 presentations to this fish before it flashed and the indicator ticked. I set the hook and chased it down stream after the initial Walter Payton run and landed it quickly in shallow water, using my net only to trap the head before a few quick pictures and measurements of 27". Two casts later I landed a nice 18" rainbow on the same RS2 and that was the day for me. I fished a little longer without result. One other guy caught 2 nice fish as darkness was approaching. Some midges were coming off late in the evening and a few fish were boiling on the surface but I packed it up and headed home. Hopefully tomorrow Nick and I will get into some good fish after class. It's better than studying anyways.

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sierratrout said...

jeezus that's a fat fish. nice work!