Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Turnin' Tricks on The Taylor

Fishing the hog trough of the Taylor river is a little like being held down and tickled until it becomes aggravating. Watching ten pound rainbows roll on midges can be exciting until you start casting midges and they ignore everything you throw at them. When this happens I like to mix it up a little. The last couple of weeks I have managed to land and lose some nice fish on streamers. My theory is that like the mysis shrimp being dumped out of the reservoir there will also be the occasional crawfish and baitfish. This got me started with crawfish patterns and ended with several hookups. The thing is that these fish catch on quick and today the streamer action died with the exception of one nice brown.

Given the circumstances I decided to skip the midge and give the mysis shrimp a try. I spotted a big rainbow after it rolled on a midge and made two casts, both of which were near perfect and on the second my strike indicator paused momentarily. I set the hook and the rod was bent. The fish fought hard like most big fish but when I thought I had him whipped, I had no idea what would happen next. I was putting pressure on the big rainbow and moving it into shallow water when it bolted under a big boulder. I had to run at it to get him out. Almost as soon as I had scared him out he did a 180 and went right back under the boulder. Running at it again the fish bolted out towards the nearest pile of moss and sticks, did three laps around it, and broke me off. Normally, being broke off causes a few bad words and the occasional javelin throw with my rod. This time I sat down and laughed because I was just outmatched.


Colorado Angler said...

Been there. Done that. Feel your pain, Bro! Love the 'javelin throw' comment. Guilty as charged there, as well!

Zach said...

We better not fish together or someone may get hit in the head with a rod.