Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Good Hat

What can I say? I’m a hat man and have been since my first Boston Red Sox hat in grade school. The hat has turned into a necessity in my life and when it comes to fishing I can’t think of an outing without one. Weddings, funerals, job interviews and dinner parties all put me in the precarious position of being hatless. I’d be more comfortable in public wearing boxers than being hatless. Besides helping deter the sun, my hat has saved my scalp from wild casts that could have permanently planted a hook in my head. Some of the flies in the bill of my favorite fishing hats were not put there intentionally. I also use my hat for streamside naps. Those of you who spend most of your days on the water know what I mean. There’s nothing better for breaking up a long day than lying out in some soft grass under a nice tree and resting the eyes beneath an old sweaty hat. The hat has invaded my being and permanently made camp on top of my head. I have a special bond with every hat I’ve owned and can tell you fishing stories pertaining to each one. I was wearing that hat when… I’ll save you the agony this time but beware of the power that lies within a good hat.


sierra trout said...

I agree, I feel naked without a hat on. Currently I am very attached to my Reno Fly Shop hat, I lost my last favorite hat while hauling ass across Lake Tahoe on a boat, and I almost shed a tear! Nice blog, I will be checking it out regularly. Where did you get those gloves and what brand are they?

Anonymous said...

oh to have a good hat... almost nothing is better